Board of Directors

VCIA Board of Directors

VCIA Board August 2019, from left to right: Anne Marie Towle, Derick White, Jan Klodowski, Lawrence Cook, Stephanie Mapes, Andrew Baillie, Donna Blair, Heather McClure (now retired from board), Wilda Seymour (now retired from board), Rich Smith, Dennis Silvia. (Since this photo was taken, Tracy Hassett and Jason Palmer have joined the VCIA Board).

Board Roster:

Janice (Jan) Klodowski

Agri-Services Agency LLC & Agrisurance Inc

Andrew Baillie

Donna Blair
Independent Consultant

Lawrence Cook

Tracy Hassett

Stephanie Mapes - VCIA Board Chair
Paul Frank + Collins

Jason Palmer
Willis Towers Watson

Dennis Silvia
Cedar Consulting LLC

Anne Marie Towle

Derick White
Strategic Risk Solutions