VCIA Roadshows

The VCIA Original Captive going to Mexico for a Trade Mission!

March 1 2023 8am-1pm, full breakfast served at 8am


 St. Regis Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico


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Join us for VCIA's Captive Insurance Trade Mission with Mexico! Complimentary admission for Mexico-based attendees and VCIA members. To register, send your name, title, and contact information to For questions reach out to Janice Valgoi at

Trade Mission Speakers 

Strategic Advantages of Captive Insurance Programs

Captive insurance refers to a subsidiary corporation established to provide insurance to the parent company and its affiliates. A captive insurance company represents an option for many organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits, that want to take financial control and manage risks by underwriting their own insurance rather than paying premiums to third party insurers. There are currently over 6,400 active captive programs around the world that service their parent companies risk management and risk financing needs.

The State of Vermont is the largest U.S. domicile for captive insurance and third largest in the world, home to nearly 600 active captive programs, including a number that do business in Mexico and Latin America. As the interest in captive insurance continues to grow among Latin American companies, the State of Vermont seeks to ensure that the captive concept is well understood and communicated, including the benefits of being regulated in a reputable onshore jurisdiction. Join us for this session where our expert panelists will focus on the basics of captive insurance companies; the reasons for formation, the feasibility process and key issues in putting a successful captive program together. 

Gain an understanding of the structures, costs and capital requirements in establishing a captive. A brief overview of the Vermont domicile will also be discussed. To round out the session, experts will discuss emerging tax issues for Mexican captive insurance programs setting up operations in the United States. The decision to form a captive insurance company is an individualized process that reflects the unique needs and interests of that corporation, association or institution. In this session a representative from a Vermont captive based in Mexico will share their thought process and experiences.

Register now for this complimentary, informative event! Interpretation services will be provided.

Join us to learn about:

  • The benefits of captive insurance company formation
  • Types of captives
  • Selecting a domicile
  • Process to form a captive program
  • Tax implications in Mexico and U.S.
  • Business plan development
  • Benefits to the corporation – elimination of investment restrictions, exemption form rate and form filing requirements, lower capital and surplus requirements; cost stabilization, control, cost reduction; Regulatory issues – Mexico and Vermont

Perfect for:

  • Risk management executives of companies, associations or institutions considering captive formation;  
  • Executives of companies, associations or institutions with captives who wish to update their knowledge or review the way in which captives are currently operating and managed;
  • Commercial insurance agents, brokers, legal counsel


Christine Brown, Director of Captive Insurance - Vermont Department of Financial Regulation – Captive Division

Brittany Nevins, Captive Insurance Economic Director, State of Vermont Department of Economic Development

Santiago Dawson, Corporate Development and Financial Products at América Móvil

Sandy Bigglestone, Deputy Commissioner Captive Insurance - Vermont Department of Financial Regulation – Captive Division

Alejandro Santos, Latin American Leader for Risk Analytics & Captive Solutions, Marsh

Mike Serricchio, Managing Director, Marsh

Kevin Mead, President, Vermont Captive Insurance Association

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