Legislative Day

2024 VCIA Webinar: The Balancing Act of Captive Management

The captive webinar will discuss challenges that insurance companies face due to inflation and its impact on their investment portfolios, operating costs, and claim payouts. The webinar will focus on the process of estimating liabilities for unpaid claims, which is a complex task that becomes even more challenging with changing variables.

2024 Spring Member Mixer

Join us for VCIA's popular Spring Member Mixer with friends and colleagues on May 23rd.

VCIA's Flagship Legislative Day in the Vermont Statehouse

Each January, VCIA visits the Vermont Statehouse for our annual Legislative Day. This special event highlights the effective relationship between VCIA and the State's executive and legislative branches and advocates captive legislation for the new year.

Next Legislative Day: January 17th, 2024


Due to historic floods over the summer, the 2024 VCIA Legislative Day in Montpelier will be of limited capacity. Our “headquarters” at Capitol Plaza Hotel remains temporarily closed, and the State still has a restrictive visitation policy in place. Therefore, a small delegation of VCIA staff, Board members, and legislative committee members will be on hand to represent the association and the industry’s interests in advancing productive captive legislation. 

VCIA President Kevin Mead and a VCIA Board member will testify in front of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Commerce Committee. The Committees will also hear from The Vermont DFR’s Sandy Bigglestone as to the importance of the captive industry in the Vermont economy. All these remarks will be available on the Vermont Legislatures live YouTube stream, which VCIA will share with its audience on LinkedIn.  

Additionally, VCIA has reserved the State Capitol “card room” to educate legislators on the basic facts of captive insurance and the accomplishments VCIA and the State have achieved in being the world’s number one captive domicile.  

VCIA plans to deliver to its members an exclusive report of the day’s events—you can expect quotes from lawmakers, pictures of testimony, a breakdown of the possible captive bill being put forth, and more!  

If you have any questions on the 2024 Legislative Day, you can send them to VCIA’s Director of Communications fmcgill@vcia.com  

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