Legislative Day

2023 VCIA Chicago Roadshow

2023 Annual General Meeting

Become fully informed about VCIA's activities during the past twelve months, as well as the important issues facing the Association during the coming year. You will hear from VCIA President Kevin Mead and Board Chair Tracy Hassett, as well as receive the VCIA's financial report. VCIA's Washington and Montpelier counsel and VT DFR Deputy Commissioner Sandy Bigglestone will also speak.

VCIA's Flagship Legislative Day in the Vermont Statehouse

Each January, VCIA visits the Vermont Statehouse for our annual Legislative Day. This special event, for VCIA members only, highlights the effective relationship between VCIA and the State's executive and legislative branches.



VCIA's 2023 Legislative Day was a major success!


An exclusive, 8 page report on the day's events is now available to VCIA Members! Join our strength in numbers if you're not a member yet by contacting Janice Valgoi!


VCIA's 2022 Legislative Day is in the books and was a smash hit! Legislative members praised VCIA and Vermont's captive insurance industry for its continuing growth and economic impact. May 2022 Update: H515 Captive Bill, with VCIA's support, signed into law!


Find out why being a VCIA Member is so valuable with our new Membership Values Document!