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Upcoming Events:

VCIA Chicago Roadshow - Tuesday, October 3rd: Register Here

Virtual Annual General Meeting and Captive State of the Union - Thursday, November 2nd 2-3:30pm EST: Register Here 


Note on Fees: For roadshows, $35 for VCIA members and $50 for non-members; for webinars, $100 for VCIA members and $150 for non-members - $85/person for 3 or more people from a VCIA member company, $135/person for 3 or more people from a non-member company.

Current Events

2023 VCIA Chicago Roadshow

2023 Annual General Meeting

Become fully informed about VCIA's activities during the past twelve months, as well as the important issues facing the Association during the coming year. You will hear from VCIA President Kevin Mead and Board Chair Tracy Hassett, as well as receive the VCIA's financial report. VCIA's Washington and Montpelier counsel and VT DFR Deputy Commissioner Sandy Bigglestone will also speak.