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27. Solution Labs/Ignite Talks!

Date: 2021-08-12T00:00:00-04:00 Time: 12:05 pm-1:30 pm

New this year! Solution Labs The captive industry today has a host of challenges it is facing, and VCIA listened! Visit the Solution Labs designed to meet these challenges during this time in your schedule. Just go to the Solution Lab tab at the top of the event page and you'll be able to enter the Labs, talk to vendors, have live video meet-ups, and find out all the great new services, and products being offered to solve your current business challenges! Solution Labs are interactive, so you'll get a great sense of what's new in the industry and opportunities to talk to the key people who can help you.

Also new this year! Ignite Talk You may be familiar with Ted Talks, which are high quality, brief presentations addressing a particular idea or topic. Well, this year VCIA is hosting incredible captive-focused Ignite Talks! All the Ignite Talks are listed in the Program tab of the event and you may attend them as you would any session. They are being presented by our service providers this year as an energetic way to speak to the challenges that captive owners are currently facing. Ignite Talks speak to specific topics of concern and are very informative - they begin and end with helpful live video discussions that may lead to additional conversations if desired. Make sure to watch the Ignite Talks - you'll leave feeling informed and ready to take action!

Scheduled Speakers: