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12. Forum: Captive Owners (NO CREDIT)

Date: 2021-08-10T00:00:00-04:00 Time: 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Coordinator: Cameron MacArthur, AI Insurance
Coordinator & Facilitator: Alex Petrovich, Circle Star Insurance Company, RRG
Being a captive owner is an incredibly niche job. While your captive manager and other outside team are invaluable in advising and helping you address challenges and support growth, the opportunity to discuss issues and ideas candidly with peers is hard to come by and can be immeasurably helpful. In VCIA's only 'off-the-record' session (no press, and for owners only), seize the opportunity to ask your colleagues how they've addressed the issues you're facing. And lend the wisdom you've obtained from solving the problems they are dealing with. This forum will bring you to the core of VCIA: collaboration and discussion with other captive owners.

Scheduled Speakers:

Alex Petrovich

Initially entering the insurance industry as an underwriter, Alex Petrovich spent almost a decade on the insurance company side, most notably at a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary in the areas of underwriting, business development, finance, and operations.  He went on to work at Gallagher, one of the largest global insurance brokerages, leading cross functional teams and consulting with large companies on alternative risk management solutions, including captives.  Before his current role, he was a partner at Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately owned insurance brokerage. Today, he is an executive tasked with operating Circle Star Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group and a segregated cell facility, STCICI.  Additionally, Alex manages risk for 10 Roads Express, a trucking company primarily focused on hauling U.S. Mail for the USPS.  They operate from 36 terminals across the U.S. in 49 states, with over 5,000 company-owned tractors and 15,000 company-owned trailers.